Trackway Solutions/

A brand that can take you anywhere/

A brand that can go anywhere. An identity that can do the same/
A long-standing client decided to launch a separate temporary trackway offering. So we made a few clever sidesteps to create a standalone sister brand.

Where they were/
Trackway Solutions was a spin-off company from our long-standing client, Generator Power. They were using temporary trackways to get their generators to remote locations and saw a gap in the market for a reliable trackway supplier. They asked us to give Trackway Solutions a distinctive new brand that felt part of the Generator Power family.

Where we took them/
For Trackway Solutions, nowhere is out of reach. They can find a way to access absolutely anywhere. So where our Generator Power brand used a graphic “power line” device to knit elements together, for Trackway Solutions we used a track device. We further mirrored the mother brand with a combination of cut-out photography and a simple, ownable illustration style, but also introduced map contour lines and lots of lovely map-style detail to help give it its own visual vocabulary.

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Ian Loseby
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Case studies /

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Projects /

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