Diamond Dispersions/

Getting noticed in a market dominated by global corporates/

The pursuit of ink perfection/
Diamond Dispersions specialise in producing ink pigment – a critical raw ingredient in the manufacture of inkjet inks. Being an extremely niche industry, they have a worldwide client base of ink manufacturers. But in a marketplace dominated by huge corporate chemical corporations, Diamond Dispersions with originally just 4 people needed a way to stand out.

Where they were/
During our Discovery phase it quickly became apparent what was special about this dedicated team. They were passionate about making the perfect ink and produced brilliant quality products – a team of chemistry geeks. The two directors were becoming known faces on the worldwide exhibition circuit – personality in a faceless, corporate world. And they’d respond fast to any challenge, even giving their clients direct contact with their chemists to help solve printing and colour problems. What they needed was a powerful brand to take on the big boys and be taken seriously on a global stage.

Where we took them/
We soon realised that what was special about Diamond was people. They were a passionate team, who were relentlessly pushing the quality of their products forward. We used a single word to capture their expertise and passion: Inkology. With this at the centre of our communications, we developed all sorts of new and novel approaches, from visualising their range of samples (no one in the sector had ever done this) to creating vibrant presentations, exhibition stands and a website like no other the sector had seen. The result was belief, confidence, and phenomenal growth.

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