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Knowledge counts when it comes to the crunch/

If you’ve spent a year planning for an event, you don’t want anything to go wrong. And if it does, you want experts who can think on their feet and use their experience to save the day. Henson Franklyn are just such experts. So we used their specialist knowledge to help them build a stronger brand.

Where they were/
Henson Franklyn are massively experienced. For over 20 years they’ve designed and built exhibition stands, road shows and events branding for big names like Land Rover, Bridgestone and HSBC. They’re particularly experienced in the world of outdoor events, especially horse trials, and you may well have seen their work if you’ve watched The Ryder Cup or The Burghley Horse Trials. But in an extremely competitive marketplace they weren’t standing out.

Where we took them/
Henson Franklyn’s clients love them. Which is a great starting point for any brand. We dug a little deeper to find out why and discovered that their specialist knowledge was what made all the difference. Clients can spend a year planning for an event that lasts a day, so stress levels can go through the roof if things don’t come together as planned. In those moments an exhibition and events partner that really knows its stuff is worth a premium. So we built their brand around the proposition: ‘knowledge that makes all the difference when it matters most’.

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