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How we cured a panda of schizophrenia/

We got talking to a brilliant events production company that had events and live music in its soul. Yet its name was Panda AV. Not very rock ‘n’ roll. The split between corporate events and live music was also pulling the company apart. So we completely rebranded them – giving them a sharp, modern brand that worked equally well in both arenas.

Where they were/
Panda AV’s odd name wasn’t their only problem. Their business was split between corporate events and live music, with the two areas pulling in different directions. This made it difficult for them to have a clear, coherent brand.

Where we took them/
We helped them to start looking at their two-pronged business as a strength. They could draw on their corporate experience to bring a sense of professionalism and reliability to live music, and draw on their music experience to bring some rock ’n’ roll to the corporate world. We killed off the Panda and united their business under a new brand that felt modern, energetic and equally passionate about events and music.

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